The Versatile Applications of Seamless Steel Pipes

Seamless carbon steel pipe is a type of steel pipe made from a solid round steel billet or a hollow tube called a hollow bar. The manufacturing process involves piercing the billet or bar to form a hollow tube, then elongating and reducing its diameter to produce the desired pipe size. This process results in a seamless and uniform structure without any welded joints.

Seamless steel pipes, devoid of welds, find widespread applications across various industries. Let’s delve into nine common uses of seamless steel pipes!

Bearing Steel Pipe (YB/Z12—77)

Primarily employed in the manufacturing of roller bearing raceways. Its high strength and wear resistance make it an ideal choice for crafting bearings under heavy loads.

Cold Drawn Precision Welded Pipe

Mainly utilized for bicycle tubing production. Its high precision and smooth surface ensure the quality and performance of bicycle components, enhancing the overall lifespan.

Hydraulic Pillar Pipe

Used in the production of hydraulic pillars, lifting columns, and hydraulic cylinder inner cylinders for coal mine applications. This type of pipe plays a crucial role in ensuring the reliability and efficiency of hydraulic systems in the coal mining industry.

Carbon Steel Seamless Pipe for Ships (GB/T5312—1999)

Mainly employed in manufacturing pressure-resistant pipes for marine use, grades 1 and 2. These pipes bear essential structural and safety responsibilities, ensuring the pressure-resistant performance of ships.

Cold-Rolled Seamless Shaped Steel Pipe (GB/T3094—1999)

Utilized for manufacturing general structural components. The diversity and adaptability of this type of pipe make it an ideal material for various construction and mechanical manufacturing applications.

Seamless Steel Pipe for Conveying Fluids (GB/T8163—1999)

Primarily used for conveying pipelines, including central air conditioning, cold storage, gas, and firefighting projects. These pipelines ensure the efficient transport of fluids, meeting the needs of different industrial and civil fields.

Precision Inner Diameter Seamless Steel Pipe for Hydraulic and Pneumatic Cylinder Barrels (GB/T8713—1988)

Employed in the manufacturing of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder barrels, and other components with high surface roughness and precise dimensional requirements. This type of pipe plays a crucial role in various applications such as jacks, shock absorbers, motor casings, cylinders, and injection molding machinery.

Seamless Steel Pipe for Structures (GB/T8162—1999)

Mainly used for general structures and mechanical structures. In the construction and manufacturing sectors, these pipes are used to construct sturdy structures and support systems.

Seamless Steel Pipe for Low and Medium Pressure Boilers (GB3087—1999)

Primarily suitable for low and medium-pressure boiler superheater pipes, boiling water pipes, and other pressure and heat-resistant components. This type of pipe plays a critical role in ensuring the stability and efficient operation of boiler systems in the energy sector.

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These nine types of seamless steel pipes showcase their critical role in various industries, providing reliable and high-performance piping solutions for diverse industrial applications. Contact us for more information.