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Electric resistance welded (ERW) pipe is a highly versatile and durable product widely used in a range of applications. This article explores the properties, applications, and manufacturing process of ERW pipe, highlighting its strength and adaptability in various industries.

Properties of ERW Pipe

ERW pipe boasts several key properties that make it a reliable choice for numerous projects:

Outside diameters ranging from 2-3/8″ to 24″
Wall thicknesses up to 0.625″
Custom lengths and thicknesses available
Custom fabrication services offered
In-house and third-party testing capabilities ensure quality and compliance

Applications of ERW Pipe

Bearing Piles

ERW pipe is commonly used in deep foundation systems to transfer loads from structures to stronger soil layers. With the ability to be driven open-ended or closed-ended, ERW pipe piles offer excellent load-bearing capabilities through skin friction and point bearing. These piles can be easily spliced, allowing for the construction of piles of considerable length.

Combination Walls

Large diameter ERW pipes are often combined with steel sheet piles to create efficient wall systems. Known as combi-walls, pipe-z walls, or king pile walls, this combination utilizes the high bending strength of large diameter pipes along with the load transfer capabilities of sheet piles. The pipe takes the majority of the load, while the sheet pile transfers the load to the pipe and the surrounding soil.

Structural Sections

The symmetrical nature of ERW pipe provides uniform bending strength in any direction, making it ideal for resisting buckling. With its ability to withstand high loads over long unsupported lengths, ERW pipe outperforms other structural sections. This makes it a reliable choice for various applications requiring robust structural support.

Threaded Micropile Casing

Micropiles, used in supporting foundations, seismic retrofits, and slope stabilization, often rely on ERW pipe as casing. These small-diameter, cast-in-place piles utilize steel reinforcement and grouting for load resistance. The versatility of ERW pipe makes it an excellent choice for complex sites that require low vibration or limited access.

Sign Poles, Towers & Transmission Lines

ERW pipe finds extensive use in constructing sign poles, towers, and transmission lines. With its wide range of available thicknesses and diameters, designers can select the precise size needed for each project. The ease of splicing and drilling into hard ground, along with the availability of long lengths, enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of these structures.


In the mining industry, where operations take place deep beneath the surface, ERW pipe is frequently used to construct air shafts and support equipment. Its diverse range of diameters and thicknesses makes it an ideal material for various shaft requirements. Additionally, the ability to supply pipe sections with prepped ends for splicing simplifies installation in challenging underground environments.

Manufacturing Process of ERW Pipe

ERW pipe is manufactured through a cold forming process that involves shaping a flat steel strip into a rounded tube. The strip is then passed through forming rollers to obtain a longitudinal seam. A high-frequency electrical current is applied to heat the strip edges, which are then squeezed together to create a bond. This process eliminates the need for filler metal, ensuring a seamless weld. Quality control measures, including visual inspections and ultrasonic testing, guarantee the integrity of the finished pipe.


Electric resistance welded (ERW) pipe offers exceptional strength, durability, and adaptability across a wide range of applications. With its reliable properties and versatile manufacturing process, ERW pipe proves to be a valuable choice for bearing piles, combination walls, structural sections, micropile casing, sign poles, towers, transmission lines, and mining operations. By providing reliable and high-quality products, we continues to support industries worldwide with their ERW pipe solutions.