Introduction to Structural Seamless Steel Pipes

Structural seamless steel pipes are categorized into general structural and mechanical structural types. However, it is often observed that many individuals tend to confuse fluid seamless steel pipes with structural ones. In fact, these two types of pipes have significant differences. Let’s briefly explore the basic knowledge related to structural seamless steel pipes to better understand their overall situation.

Varieties of Structural Seamless Steel Pipes

Structural seamless steel pipes constitute a specific variety of seamless pipes designed for general structural and mechanical applications. Representative materials for structural seamless steel pipes include carbon steels such as 20# and 45#, as well as Q235, and alloy steels like Q345, 20Cr, 40Cr, 20CrMo, 30-35CrMo, and 42CrMo.

Distinguishing Between Structural and Fluid Seamless Pipes

The primary distinction between these two types of steel pipes lies in the fact that fluid seamless steel pipes undergo hydraulic tests on each pipe or undergo non-destructive testing methods such as ultrasonic, eddy current, and magnetic flux leakage. Therefore, for pressure pipeline standards, it is not advisable to use structural seamless steel pipes.

Calculation Method for Structural Seamless Steel Pipes

The weight of structural steel pipes can be calculated using the formula: Weight = 0.25 × π × (Outer Diameter^2 – Inner Diameter^2) × Length × Density of Iron. Here, π equals 3.14, L represents the length of the structural steel pipe, and the density of iron is taken as 7.8. If dimensions are in meters (M), the calculated weight result will be in kilograms (Kg).

Hence, the weight of structural seamless steel pipes = 0.25 × 3.14 × (Outer Diameter^2 – Inner Diameter^2) × Length × 7.8.

Applications of Structural Seamless Steel Pipes

These pipes find widespread applications in industries such as chemical, petroleum, light textiles, medical, food, and machinery. They are utilized as corrosion-resistant pipelines and structural components, as well as in the production of carbon steel hot-rolled, extruded, expanded, and cold-drawn seamless pipes for various industrial components and parts.

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