Carbon Steel Wire

The Carbon Steel Wire is a versatile and reliable product that showcases a range of exceptional features. Crafted from high-quality carbon steel, this wire offers excellent strength, durability, and flexibility, making it ideal for various applications. Its uniform diameter and smooth surface finish enable easy handling and facilitate efficient wire drawing and shaping processes. The wire’s corrosion-resistant properties enhance its longevity, even in challenging environments. With its excellent conductivity and malleability, the Carbon Steel wire is suitable for electrical wiring, construction reinforcement, fencing, and various industrial uses. It is a dependable choice that guarantees optimal performance and longevity.

Available Specifications


Carbon Steel Wire

Size Tolerance±1%
Wire Gauge1 – 50 mm
Dia tolerance+/-0.3mm
ProcessHot rolled, Cold Drawn
TechnologyHot roll, cold roll, cold drawn, ect.
EdgeMill Edge Slit Edge
CertificationsMTC, ISO9001, BV, TUV
PaymentT/T, L/C at sight
Price TermEx-work, FOB, CIF , CFR, etc
Delivery timeUsually 15 working days, your purchase volume determines our delivery time

Available Grade List (classified by mild steel, ordinary steel, etc.)

Carbon SteelInternational StandardApplications
Hot Rolled Mild SteelJIS G3131SPHCSuitable for the manufacture of cold formed parts.

DIN 1614


StW22 (DD11)
STW23 (DD12)
StW24 (DD13)
General Structural SteelJIS G3101SS 330Used for general structural parts such as buildings, bridges, ships, vehicles, etc.
SS 400
SS 490
SS 540

DIN 17100


St 33 (S185)
St 37-2 (S235JR)
St 37-3 (S235JO)
St 44-2 (S275JR)
St 50-2 (E295)
St 52-3 (S355JO)
Welded Structural SteelJIS G3106SM400AIt is used for structural parts requiring excellent welding performance such as buildings, bridges, ships, vehicles, petroleum tanks, engineering machinery, etc.
NSCWelten590REWeldable high-strength steel plates are used for pressure vessels, oil tanks, engineering machinery, mining machinery, pressure water pipes, etc.
Mechanical Structural SteelDIN 17200C22It is used for mechanical structural parts that have been processed by cutting and heat treatment.
JIS G4501C35
Fine Grained Structural SteelDIN 17102StE255Fine grain structural steel suitable for welding.
Steel Strip For Steel PipeJIS G3132SPHT1For welded steel pipes.
Automobile Structural SteelJIS G3113SAPH 310Used for automobile structural parts such as automobile frames and wheels that require formability and processing performance.
SAPH 370
SAPH 400
SAPH 440

SEW 092


QStE 340TMHot-rolled grain steel for cold deformation is used for structural parts such as automobile girders that require good cold forming performance and high or high strength requirements.
QStE 380TM
QStE 420TM (S420MC)
QStE 460TM (S460MC)
QStE 500TM (S500MC)
Steel For Boilers And Pressure VesselsDIN 17155 (EN10028-2)HII (P265GH)In addition to ensuring normal temperature performance, it also ensures mechanical properties at higher temperatures. It is suitable for steam boiler equipment, pressure vessels with higher operating temperatures and similar structural parts.
19Mn6 (P355GH)
JIS G3103SB410
JIS G3116SG295Welding steel plates for gas cylinders.
Steel For Hull StructureLR,BVAIt can be supplied according to the specifications of classification societies of various countries.
ABS ship regulationsD
Atmospheric Corrosion Resistant SteelSEW087 (EN10155)WTSt37-2 (S235J2W)It is used to manufacture structural parts such as containers, railway vehicles, oil derricks, engineering machinery, etc. that require resistance to atmospheric corrosion, interception and fuel.​
WTSt52-3 (S355J2G1W)
NAW 490
Sulfuric Acid Corrosion Resistant SteelNSCS-ten2Used to make containers containing hydrogen sulfide media, etc.
Seawater Corrosion Resistant SteelMariloy G41AUsed for structural components such as oil production platforms, ships, and harbor buildings.
Mariloy S50A
Case-Hardened SteelDIN 17210C10High-purity low-carbon steel is used for surface carburizing or nitriding and then quenching and hardening to produce structural parts with high hardness and wear resistance on the surface and high toughness in the core.
JIS G4051S09CK
High Toughness Pipeline SteelAPI 5LX60High-toughness pipeline steel for spiral welding production of hot-rolled wide-band steel for oil pipelines
Straight Seam Welded Casing SteelAPI 5CTJ55For manufacturing straight seam welded petroleum casing pipes
Hot Rolled Coils For PipelinesAPI 5LGrade A,BFor oil and natural gas transmission pipes