Pattern Printed Steel Coil

Color-coated printed steel sheet, also called printed sheet, is prepared by being coated with a layer of paint, and the baked pattern is printed out using the gravure technologies, then a layer of clear lacquer is coated and after being baked again, color-coated printed steel sheet is obtained.




Because the color steel plate itself is lightweight, convenient for transportation, and can save construction time.

Environmental protection and saving

The activity room made of color steel plate can be reused, which is environmentally friendly and saves money, without pollution and noise.

High strength

Because it is a steel structure, with strong bearing capacity, compression, and bending resistance.

The appearance is smooth and easy to clean

The colorful galvanized steel sheet is not rough in appearance and has a long anti-corrosion period, suitable for repeated use.

Available Specifications

Thickness0.2 – 2.0 mm
Width700 – 1,800 mm
SubstrateCold rolled, hot dip galvanizing (HDG), Electro-galvanized(EG)
Type of coating structure2/1, 2/1M, 2/2
Inner diameter508 mm, 610 mm
Length of sheets cut1,500 – 6,000 mm
Weight of coil4 – 16 tonnes
Weight of sheet bundles4 – 10 tonnes

Pattern Options

Patterns are woodgrain, grass, marble, brick, camouflage, flowers, traffic sign, etc.(as shown in the figure). Special requirements from customers may be met via negotiation and research otherwise.

Pattern Printed
Marbling texture
Traffic sign